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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 1912: In the Soup!


Q: When is a Compromise NOT a compromise?

A: …when it's being offered you by the GOVERNMENT!

No, it's NOT a very funny joke, is it!

That's because I'm talking about I.D.IOT cards again.

In spite of Mr Balloon's side letting me down over GLORIFICATION OF JAMES BOND (hence me being ON THE MOON at the moment), the HOUSE OF LORDS club have still been trying to stop Mr Blair REDEFINING the word "VOLUNTARY" so that he can have a go at imposing his I.D.IOT card scheme.

Today, it seems we are being offered a "compromise".

As far as I can tell, this means that you STILL get all the HORRIBLE BAD THINGS of Mr Blair's scheme – like basically losing all your PRIVACY to the ENORMOUS expensive INSANE super-computer that goes MAD and tries to take over the world!

[R: if it's already "insane" then it can't GO mad…]

Whatever, Daddy!

[R: I'm just saying!]

So you get the BAD things and without even the benefit of the USEFUL piece of PLASTIC to scrape ice off your CAR with!

What, you think it's useful for anything ELSE???


I have escaped from the MONSTER! …but I seem to have fallen down a bit of a HOLE!

I VERY NEARLY fell into the BLUE STRING SOUP. But fortunately, my fluffy bottom was big enough to stick in the hole on the way down.

All the Clangers have come to stand around me.

They do not look HAPPY.


Theo Butt Philip said...

"What, you think it's useful for anything ELSE???"

The new I.D. cards (what does the "D" stand for?) will emit a forcefield to protect us from terror. How can you argue against that?

Millennium Dome said...

"what does the "D" stand for?"

Does the "I" stands for "I'm" and the "D" stands for "Dumb"?