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Monday, March 27, 2006

Day 1909: It’s not ALL sleaze, you know


Daddy Alex has gone up to Manchester and is spending Mother’s Day with, er, his mother.

While he is away, Daddy Richard is building a clockwork dinosaur. I DO hope Daddy Alex gets home soon!

There is still a lot of fuss on the telly about Mr Blair doing favours for people who have given him money. And now it seems that Mr Blair’s people are having a go at Mr Balloon’s people for doing the same.

In fact, we listened to “Any Questions” and Mr Gerald Kaufman was trying to smear EVERYONE, including the Liberal Democrats, but he got that WRONG because the Liberal Democrats were checked out by the ELECTORAL COMMISSION and were told that it was OKAY!

I think that is VERY BAD to be trying to SMEAR EVERYONE. It is already bad enough that QUITE A LOT of people didn’t bother to vote at the last election last year and this is only going to make things WORSE.

VERY NEARLY ALL of the people who do politics are actually GOOD and HONEST. Yes, even in the Labour and the Conservatories. People do not do politics to get RICH. It is too much hard work! Occasionally, rarely, once in a while, someone (NOT looking at YOU, Mr Blair) will go a little bit PECULIAR. But this doesn’t mean that everyone else is ROTTEN.

What is DOES mean is that the other people have to work EVEN HARDER to make politics clean again.

Mr Blair was QUITE RIGHT when he said that they had to be WHITER THAN WHITE. It is a shame he was not listening when he said that!

In this case, people from the Labour (like maybe MR FROWN) should say to Mr Blair:

“Look, urr, I’m sorry, urr, Tony, but you cannot be on our team any longer. Urr. We cannot work with you, because you, urr, make it look like we’re all a bunch of CROOKS.”

Because if they don’t then it WILL look like they are all a bunch of CROOKS!

And Mr Balloon should stop keeping quiet about where his party got all its money from either.

If the people who gave him bungs loans still do not want to admit they are friends of Mr Balloon, then it is very simple: Mr Balloon should GIVE THEM THE MONEY BACK! Then he will have CLEAN HANDS and not look SHIFTY.

Also, if you think that a charity auction won by RICH FOREIGN BACKERS might be going to look like it is a SCAM… that is because it IS going to look like a SCAM!

Now, because the Electoral Commission said that the Liberal Democrats were OKAY, I do not know what they need to do, but it is no good me being smug about this because if I am something will turn up to bite me on my FLUFFY BOTTOM! SO the Liberal Democrats should make sure they are CLEAN too!

Plus, this means all the other parties too. Even that one led by CATWOMAN off Big Brother.

ANYWAY, that’s just what I think.

And now, the Clanger want to have the Internet back so that they can sell BLUE STRING SOUP on eBAY.

These hooting sock people are starting to give me a headache. I think I will go and explore some of these MOON CAVES!

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