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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Day 1906: In Space!


After yesterday, I have had to escape in a ROCKET SHIP with my new best friend FLASH GLADSTONE! (He is related to the FAMOUS PRIME MINISTER Richard Gadstone!)

We have BLASTED OFF for the planet MONGO in the hope that His Imperial Supremacy HRH Sir Mr the Merciless will be able to protect me!

Fortunately, we can still get telly here in space!

We were going to watch “Questionable Time”, because Mr David Laws is on it and this means that I can plug Daddy Alex’s blog!

But what’s this? Mr Boy George has just popped up on the telly. Isn’t this after his bedtime?

Anyway, he says that Mr Frown is a jolly rotten stinker and yah boo sucks to him. He says that Mr Frown has ruined the entire country by charging oodles of tax and taking all the sweeties ‘n’ stuff. But don’t worry ‘cos things would be whizzo and double splendid under Mr Balloon who promises to, er, not do anything different ‘cos that would frighten the horses, what ho!

Now let’s raid the tuck shop: lashings of ginger pop all round!

[R: Millennium is crediting the shadow chancellor with more charisma than he actually demonstrated.]

1 comment:

Paul Chandler said...

I wonder if Flash Gladstone is also related to The Mouse of Commons, as his name is Gladstone McWhiskers. It's quite possible, you know!!