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Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 1900: Creating a Fuss


Today I have learned about CREATIONISM.

Oh very fluffy dear.

Apparently, this is the idea that the WHOLE WORLD and EVERY LIVING THING IN IT were all created by god.

NOT Cuddly Cthulhu! A nice god, more like Mr Blair's imaginary friend. NOT Mr Frown!

Not only that, but it was done in seven days – or rather six days and a day off.

Now this is a VERY NICE STORY that was made up in the OLDEN DAYS (even before Daddy Richard!) in order that Daddies could tell their baby elephants where things came from when they did not really know.

But I have watched all of Daddy Richard's DVDs including WALKING WITH DINOSAURS and THE PLANETS and LIFE ON EARTH with DAVID ATTENBOROUGH and the ASCENT OF MAN ELEPHANTS and so now I know LOTS AND LOTS of stuff.

Nowadays people (and ME!) have learned LOTS AND LOTS of things such as where stars and planets and elements and elephants come from and so now Daddies CAN tell their baby elephants the answers to lots of these questions. (Or at least, baby elephants can go and look the answers up on the Internet!)

But it turns out that some people think their nice story from the olden days is TRUE!

(At least, they SAY that – Daddy Alex thinks that it might be a PRACTICAL JOKE and has a good laugh!)

Perhaps they do not know that people have gone to all the time and trouble of finding out the proper answers for them!

But the worst thing is that some people say they do not believe my new best friends Professor Richard and Romana about EVOLUTION!

Apparently this is because they DO NOT WANT TO BE RELATED TO ANIMALS!

That is VERY RUDE! I feel SNUBBED!!!!!!

I don't want to be related to THEM, but – as the saying goes – you can't pick your relatives, can you!

Now it seems that Mr Blair has given some SCHOOLS to these people so that they can brainwash indoctrinate educate OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN with this anti-elephant propaganda belief.

They say that this is because their belief is as good as Professor Richard's theory but this is NOT TRUE because their belief is just "the story from the olden days is right" whereas Professor Richard's theory has EVIDENCE that he got with his TIME MACHINE!

[R: a time machine in the form of archaeology, palaeontology, geology, molecular biology and a brain.]

I don't understand why they don't listen to what Professor Richard (and LOTS of other SCIENTISTS) can tell them.

Honestly, if you were walking along and someone stopped you to say "Look! Your shoelace is undone." You wouldn't stick your fingers in your ears and say "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" now would you?!?

Children should have proper schools to go to, and not bamboozling brains trusts run by Mr Blair’s funny friends.

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