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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 1898: Mystery


Daddy has been watching the Newsnight show again.

It appears that BILLIONS and BILLIONS of Dollars supposedly sent to rebuild Iraq have mysteriously disappeared. Where can they have gone?

In business news: HALLIBURTON announces record profits…

It seems that Mr Balloon (who seems to be better after his BIRD FLU) is not as popular in the polls as he used to be. Horrible contagious NOSE PLAGUE can probably do that to you.

In order to feel better, he has tried to get EVEN MORE like Mr Blair by voting for Mr Blair’s education policy. And then got a bit confused by voting AGAINST him.

Nick MATE-OF-DAVE Robinson says that this is supposed to be embarrassing for Mr Blair.

I SHOULD SAY SO! Honestly. I’d be embarrassed if someone who forgot which way to vote kept HANGING AROUND trying to be like me!

According to Mr Mate-of-Dave, this was NOT a shoddy, opportunistic tactic by Mr Balloon. OH NO! It’s just that Mr Balloon wants to be able to say to the country that he supports Mr Blair and to say to the Conservatory Party that he is opposed to Mr Blair. And this is NOT TWO FACED. Mr Mate-of-Dave said so!

Meanwhile, it appears that MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Pounds supposedly sent as secret loans have mysteriously appeared in Mr Blair’s bank account. Where can they have come from?

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