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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Day 1891: The Elephant of Surprise


On the radio, a man from the police is saying that the police should keep their SHOOT TO KILL policy. But it should not be CALLED shoot to kill. Even though it involves SHOOTING people in order to KILL them.

Daddy Richard says I should look up DOUBLETHINK.

Anyway, the man from the police says that the police have asked themselves VERY SERIOUSLY whether they want to carry on SHOOTING TO KILL people and the police have said YES PLEASE.

Apparently this is because the THREAT of TERRORISTS is so great that the police must keep the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE.

I suppose it must SURPRISE the terrorists when the POLICE go around SHOOTING people at random. It probably confuses them when the POLICE are causing MORE TERROR than the terrorists.

I am not sure how this helps the situation, though.

There is probably a PLAN.

It is NOT a SECRET PLAN, though. The man from the police said so. He said that even though the public were not told about it, several police people knew about it so it cannot have been a secret.

Daddy is rolling his eyes again!

I am probably being OLD FASHIONED but I think that the police should probably be doing what elected people ask them to do rather than deciding what they want to do for themselves.

Incidentally, I have noticed that the police are ALSO run by a Mr Blair. I think that he might be CLONING himself.

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Will said...

The Elephant of Surprise, shurely?