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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day 1901: Star Wars Question


We were watching STAR WARS and what I want to know is this: Why don’t the DEATH STAR’S TIE Fighters outnumber the rebels’ X-WINGS a hundred to one? Does Gov Tarkin only send twenty TIE fighters out of a sense of fair play or WHAT?

Anyway, here is a game that my Daddies play and you can play along at home. It is called “Match the Conservatory to the Star Wars quote!”

Here are a few EXAMPLES. You can try and see if you know which Star Wars baddy REALLY said the quote. Or you can make up some of your own!

Norman Tebbit: “I find your lack of faith… disturbing”

John Major: “Strike me down with all of your hate”

Lady Thatcher: “And now, young Jedi… you will die!!!”

Mr Blair (are you SURE he’s a Conservatory, Daddy?): “I love democracy(!)”

and my Daddies’ personal favourite:

Ian Drunken-Swerve: “Evacuate?! In our moment of triumph!?!”


Richard Gadsden said...

Tebbit: Darth Vader

Major: Emperor Palpatine

Thatcher: Jabba?

Blair: I don't remember that quote at all. Is it from a prequel?

Ian D-S: Tarkin

Millennium Dome said...

Hello Mr Gadstone!

You have THREE out of FIVE right, which is NOT BAD for a famous Victoriam Prime Minister.

In answer to you question, yes the quote "I love democray(!)" is from the PREQUEL trilogy. In fact it is from EPISODE TWO, I THINK!

(((HUGS))) MM