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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 1885: This is ME!

Aren't I FLUFFY! Posted by Picasa


Today I am WORRIED that Mr Blair wants to send me to PRISON!

I have been saying that JAMES BOND is good… but JAMES BOND hunts people down and blows things up.


I do not want to go to prison; I am only a baby elephant!

If I disappear, please call the human-rights lawyers. And the elephant-rights lawyers.

I will try and distract myself by telling you about Daleks, who have nothing to do with Mr Blair at all.

For the last two weeks my Daddies have been watching DOCTOR WHO and the DALEKS on DVD. This is a very OLD story, which means that everyone in it has gone grey, but it is still GOOD.

It is only the second DOCTOR WHO story ever, and Doctor Who has not yet made proper friends with Ian and Barbara. They land on a dead planet with stone trees and find a strange city. Doctor Who wants to investigate but Ian and Barbara want to go home, so Doctor Who tricks them by pretending his TARDIS is broken.

(The TARDIS is almost as good as a car – it is like Doc Brown's car that travels in time, but a bit less cool as it is a box and not a Delorean.)

So they all go down to the city and it turns out that the dead planet isn't really dead at all but has DALEKS living on it!

Daleks are the EXACT OPPOSITE of fluffy elephants!

Daleks are metal on the outside and squishy on the inside (which is not a good combination, even for a boiled sweet) and have one eye and no noses. I am soft on the outside and have two eyes and a BIG nose. And my ears don't light up when I talk, either!

Also, I like PEOPLE (even though you are different to ELEPHANTS). Daleks do NOT like people BECAUSE they are different from Daleks. My Daddies say this is because the Daleks are an ALLEGORY for the Nazis.

(Even though I thought that an AUSTIN ALLEGORY was a kind of car.)

When they escape from the Daleks, Doctor Who and Ian and Barbara and Susan (who I had forgotten) meet some nice people called the THALS and Doctor Who and Ian persuade them to team up to kill off the Daleks.

I do not think that this is right though. The Thals need the Daleks food and think that the Daleks might come out of their city and get them one day. This sounds a lot like saying they need the Daleks' OIL and that the Daleks might get them with WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION one day.

It would have been better if they waited until Doctor Who had found out that the Daleks really did want to kill them all with radiation.

But since the Daleks come back, so they probably don't kill them all.


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