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Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 1899: Sue Your Bank; Prizes to be Won


I am SURE that banks are just as nice as any other people, so I do not know why this story has made both of my Daddies cheer.

Like RHINOS (who are VERY thick!), banks are fond of CHARGES.

You bank is supposed to CHARGE you CHARGES to cover their own costs. For example, they charge you £35 when their robot computer sends you a letter for going £1 overdrawn because they have VERY POSH EXPENSIVE computers – good enough to play STAR WARS LEGO on!

Some people might think that the banks making more than THIRTY-THREE SQUILLION pounds of profit might HINT that they are doing QUITE WELL out of this arrangement. And it turns out they would be RIGHT!

But now you have the SOLUTION! Send in the BAILIFFS!

Those biros on chains have got to be worth SOMETHING, haven’t they!

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