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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Day 1895: Holidays


Cuddly Cthulhu got summoned up by someone with a dodgy copy of the Necronomicon and had to go and SMITE someone. This means that I won the staring contest by default.


Meanwhile, my Daddies have gone on holiday to somewhere. I think it was on the south coast of England so they were probably practicing for the next WINTER OLYMPICS. But the IMPORTANT THING is that this means that the telly is MINE for the weekend!!

In spite of what Mr Will said, I have been watching DIE ANOTHER DAY. It is NOT pish, and is in fact VERY good. It is DEFINITELY in my top twenty James Bond Films.

I like ALL of it. Even the bit when James Bond parachutes off the CARTOON ICEBERG. Even the bit with MADONNA!

I managed to watch it twice before Cuddly Cthulhu got back and smited smit smote the television.

Does anyone know where I can find a new telly before my Daddies get home???

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