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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day 2183: Turkeys Vote for Christmas


"The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly."

– President Abraham Lincoln

That Pink Dog has yipped at me to point out that The The Today Programme's "Great Repeal Act" – as Mr Mark Pax has already said – is CLEARLY COPIED straight from Liberal Democrat Mr Clogg's "Christmas Repeal".

(IMPORTANT NOTE: this is NOT about the REPEAL OF CHRISTMAS before Ms Anne Atkins and the League of Righteous Dowagers and Ranting Christian Women get on their HIGH HORSES yet again! Christmas has NOT been cancelled and it never was; the League and Ms Anne are just BLOWING OFF THEIR HATS to get into the papers, as usual.)

You have to choose which of SIX Acts of Parliament you most want repealed.

But it is COMPLETELY OBVIOUS which law to vote for: while the Dangerous Dogs Breakfast Act and the "No Catholics, please" Act of Settlement are both worthy of being sorted out, they are not nearly so HEINOUS (good word) as the Seriously Disorganised Crime and Police State Act.


The people in Parliament are supposed to represent US. They should be able to hear us, see us, understand what moves us to passion and protest.

The freedom to put the OTHER POINT OF VIEW is central to how democracy works. THIS is the freedom that "Freedom of Speech" is supposed to protect.

Having our MPs and Peers cower away inside the Palace of Westminster behind bullet proof glass and a mile wide exclusion zone will not make them or us any safer, only increase their ISOLATION.

Lord Blairimort once talked about a "BIG CONVERSATION". Well you have to shout PRETTY LOUD if you want the other side of the conversation to hear when you're not allowed to come within a mile of 'em.

Sadly, the winner (or should that be loser?) will DEFINITELY be the Hunting Act because of the massive the Pro-Hunting Lobby.

The UKIP nutters will without a doubt run it a close second, trying to undo the European Communities Act (carefully chosen so as not to have Lady Thatcher's fingerprints upon it). They are just as barking mad and may have more time on their hands what with not having farms in the middle of winter to run.

The anti-politically correct nutters (and, apparently, Mr Balloon) will vote to repeal the Human Rights Act because they are silly enough to believe all those newspaper stories about Human Rights being to blame for straight bananas and metric weights.

But the Pro-Hunt COUNTY-CIDE ALLIANCE are simply more dogged than anything (except possibly the anti-Hunt FEDERATION of PEOPLE FOR FLUFFY ANIMALS… but THEY don't get the opportunity to vote "anything but the Hunting Bill").

I do not like hunting. It is MEAN.

But more than that, far, far, far more than enough parliamentary time has been wasted on banning hunting already and we could really, really do without yet another pointless ding-dong about it.

I do not REALLY expect this to get any further than the The Today Programme programme's LAST attempt to subvert the democratic process encourage a participative democracy when Steven "Mr" Pound backed out of his promise to introduce "The People's Law" when it turned out that the people's law was to start hanging people again.

Interesting, though, that FOUR out of the SIX repeals on offer would RESTORE FREEDOMS to people. (Even if one of the others is about taking them away again!)

Perhaps people are starting to get the right LIBERAL IDEA!

Look, look! I'm UP TO DATE!

And a Very Happy 23rd Day of Advent - TWO DAYS TO GO! - to All of You at Home!


Jens Winton said...

Why is it that when we raise a perfectly valid argument of wanting to return full democracy to Britain, the chattering classes resorts to childish stunts like name calling? I suspect that you would also be laughing at Churchill warning us about the `gathering storm' in the 1930s, calling him a busted flush and yesterday's man among other insults.

Why not actually debate the issue of the EU instead of calling us nutters? What are you afraid of?

Millennium Dome said...

oooo, I was RIGHT!

You DO have more time on your hands than the pro-hunt nutters or the League of Righteous Womens nutters!

Well done you! Merry Christmas!


Mr Churchill also called for an INDIVISIBLE UNION between Britain and France, don'tcha know.

And his "gathering storm" speach was a warning against XENOPHOBIC NATIONALISTS.