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Friday, December 08, 2006

Day 2154: Multicultural is the New Black


London: and the capital remains terrorised by the giant amphibian in the Thames that has become known as NEWT-ZILLA.

Meanwhile, famous herpetologist and (between holidaying in Cuba and Venezuela cancelled) part time Mayor of London Mr Len Kivingston is engaging (there's a first time for everything) in a spot of internecine warfare with rival figurehead Mr Philip Trevor.

Mr Len says that Mr Philip is using the last ever conference of the Commission for Racial Equality to big up his massive and spread his agenda of fear and divisiveness with inflammatory rhetoric and ethnic dance (i.e. MORRIS DANCING).

Mr Philip defended his agenda, saying that since there was nothing at all inflammatory about a debate entitled: 'Rivers Of Blood: did Enoch Powell get it right?' it would immediately be dropped from the schedule.

Anyway, it isn't the end of the Commission for Racial Equality – it is just that the CRE and the other equality rights bodies are going to be given, er, equal rights in a new Equal Rights Commission.

Mr Balloon – never ever one to avoid intruding on private grief – has taken a pop at Mr Len too!
And of course, Mr Len has had a good old pop back at Mr Balloon!

If multiculturalism is about DIVERSE points of view, it is good to see so many PUNCH UPS being started in its name!

The conference ended up being opened by the CULTURALLY SENSITIVE Mrs Ruth Kelly, Minister for the Doctrine of the Catholic Faith and Prayers at Teatime.

"We must respect difference but this must not be at the expense of having a society and local communities without a common purpose," she said.

"Now, get on your knees all of you!" she added.

And a very Merry 8th Day of Advent to All of You at Home!

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