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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Day 2169: At the Mountains of Madness


News reaches us from the inner rim of OUTER SPACE where the Huygens-Cassini spacecraft is PROBING the MOONS of SATURN!

Titan is Saturn’s largest moon, and is in fact the largest moon in the Solar System (it says here in the Doctor Who Book of Space!) Already we have made EXTRAORDINARY discoveries of SCIENCE, never before seen by MORTAL MAN!

Beneath the swirly storming ICY CLOUDS of gaseous ETHANE are the shadowed shorelines of the GREAT LAKES, not of good godfearing Earthly aquatic water but the mysterious motions of METHANE the alien element of, er, farting cows.

And here at the OUTER LIMITS of HUMAN KNOWLEDGE our space vehicle has discovered a VAST and TERRIBLE frozen mountain range!

Some, seized by the furious fear of the foreboding, the dreadful dread of discovery, think that the outer moons of our Solar System are where we stand the best chance of uncovering life NOT OF THIS EARTH!

And now we can reveal never before seen photographic evidence from the depths of the darkness and the knowledge that NO ELEPHANT WAS MEANT TO KNOW! See here for the first time the proof if you can believe your own eyes and in the icy wastes… a Christmas FAIRY FIGURE may emerge...

Go on... make a wish!

And a Very Fhtagn 17th Day of Advent to All of You Cowering Cultists at Home!

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