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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day 2156: Rat Boards Sinking Ship


Everyone at the BBC was in TURMOIL today on hearing the news that Mr Michael Grade is to leave to become boss of ITV.

Certainly it caused no end of TIZZY in the studios of the Today Programme, with Mr Naughty and Mr Humphries each managing to use the word BETRAYAL about fifteen times – I am sure Mr Jim even managed to squeeze one into the weather forecast!

News of the BBC staffer leaving the Corporation for a huge pay rise from a downmarket commercial rival was broken by Geoff Randall (ex-BBC staffer who now works for the Telegraph. No IRONY.)

How could Mr RANDALL make this scoop? I think his ghostly partner MARTY HOPKIRK must have been loitering around in Mr Michael's office!

Many have said that this move is a TRIUMPH for ITV and a BLOW for the BBC.

This seems to overlook two crucial facts. First: the BBC has been a huge success over the last two years with Mr Michael in a job that kept his hands COMPLETELY OFF THE PROGRAMMING. And second: ELDORADO.

Never mind! No doubt ITV have JUST THE MAN to turn around the channel.

Coincidentally, ITV brought you ANOTHER ratings LAST with this week's "Confessions". Mr Grade must be SO PROUD!

And a Very Merry 9th Day of Advent to Everyone at Home!

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