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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day 2143: Go Directly To Gaol


It would take a colder heart than my fluffy one not to laugh at the news of "Big Progress" in the cash for honours probe!

It seems that Mr So-Very-Nearly-Sir Inspector Yates of the Yard will have a file for the CPS by January (just in time for the New Year Honours, then).

Pressure mounts on Lord Blairimort, as the Labour steams into the lead in the "who's been questioned most by the fuzz" stakes.

For the record: the Labour 35; Conservatories 29; Liberal Democrats 4 – yes, I had to go down the nick and explain why my WHSmith Christmas Gift Voucher for £2.50 made over to Lord Renard never got me my fluffy bottom plonked on a red leather couch.

I STILL want to be called Lord Fluffyphant!

Here is the coverage from my favourite non-James Bond read: Liberal Democrat Voice, including one of those famous Liberal BAR CHARTS!

And here is Mr Almost-Certainly-Lord Inspector Yates letter in full.

I'm not sure any of THIS sort of thing was in Mrs The Queen's speech!

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