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Friday, December 01, 2006

Day 2140: How Can I Ever Catch Up?


Oh very fluffy dear.

It USED to be the case that Daddy could post up a whole load of EMPTY diaries and then go back and fill them in LATER.

Yes, we could CHEAT!

This was very handy for when he was too busy doing his COUNTING job to do my diary, even if it does lead to REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY (i.e. a SORE NOSE) for me when it comes to typing them all in.

But NOW, all of my diaries are appearing on the LIB DEM BLOGREGATOR!

Even worse, I have learned that there are people getting my diary on RSS feed. I do not even know what RSS feed IS! (Unless it has something to do with the REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY again!)

All of this means that I cannot just skip to the good stuff without missing out lots of days from my diary and I do NOT want to do that! But on the other fluffy foot, you do not want to get bombarded with all my news from two weeks ago now do you?

We will have to try harder!

Anyway, back in the mists of time, I was going to talk about the report from the UNIVERSITY OF SHUCKS YOU DON'T SAY that says that the Labour Ministers exploit FEARS of TERROR and that the Human Rights Act gets UNFAIRLY BLAMED for Nice Mr Dr Reid's mistakes at the Home Office.

But what would be the point?

It appears that SATIRE IS DEAD.


A Happy World Aids Day and a Happy 1st Day of Advent to everyone at home!

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