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Friday, December 22, 2006

Day 2181: Harry Potter and the Final Chapter


Ms J.K. Rowling Pin has revealed that the title of the seventh and final Harry Potter novel will be "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was first published in 1997, and – since each book takes place over the course of a year – like my diary, the books have, er, drifted slightly, as it now ought to be set in 2003.

For a LONG TIME my Daddies tried to avoid getting hooked on the Harry Potter PHENOMENON, until one BOXING DAY, in the year 2000 (just before I arrived!) they were driving home from Manchester and they listened to the Radio – and on the Radio was MR STEPHEN FRY (Britain's Cleverest Man™) reading aloud from the first book.

It was soooo good that all of the other people on Radio 4 stopped what they were doing in order to listen and so Mr Stephen was able to go through the whole day and read the whole book.

By the end of it, my Daddies were just as hooked as everybody else! They went straight out and bought the first four books and read them all in a rush.

I am sorry to say that Ms Rowling Pin's books as ENTIRELY as good as everyone says that they are and if you haven't read them, you had better start now. The later ones have quite a LOT of pages and you will want to be up to speed when the final story is published!

And a Very Harry 22nd Day of Advent to All You Witches and Wizards at Home!

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