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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 2168: Ticket to Ride


Oh NAUGHTY Mr Balloon! He has been caught FARE DODGING! Being a CHEEKY SCAMP Mr B was able to blag his way out of the £20 fine.

He says that he bicycled to Willesden Junction and bought a ticket there but that he lost it during the journey. Perhaps he accidentally left it with his CHAUFFEUR to drive it to the other end.

"I don't routinely break the law," said the Conservatory leader who has previously confessed to routinely breaking the law on drugs.

Mr Tim Gordon has a good question to put to Mr Balloon. Obviously, Mr Balloon cannot have been thinking of slipping his trip to a music concert through his expenses. That is the sort of routine breaking of the law that he does not do!

Another question to ask is why does a man from NOTTING HILL not possess an OYSTER CARD like every other London resident? Maybe Mr Balloon does not really use the Underground very often. Or maybe he just does not like the idea of a CARD that tracks you every MOVEMENT.

What a good job he is such a sterling opponent of I.D.iot cards. Except when he's not.

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