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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Day 2173: Memo to Lord Blairimort


"Tony, Polls say you're a Phoney; Mr Frown will take us Down;

"Margaret Bucket might just F… Wreck It; Dr Reid's Not what we Need;

"Alan Johnson known by no one; Mr Benn, no not again!

"Millipedes both Ed and Dave, Labour Party cannot save!

"Tried with Douglas Alexander, manifesto sure to flounder.

"Only chance to win election: go for radical selection.

"Market research, should you care; says leader must be Rupert Bear!

"You Suck; We're a Shambles.

"Signed, Alistair Cowbell a friend"

Downing Street has said they do not know anything about this memo that says the do not know anything about what is going on.

"What is going on?" said a Downing Street spokesperson.

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