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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day 1915: Escape… to Danger!*

(* It’s TRADITIONAL, okay!)


Sorry to my loyal readers. Because my nose is sore, I have not been able to type my Diary into the Internet, and it has taken a few days to get Daddy to have to type it in for me. I am bashing his nose against the kweeboard as I type…

[R: I’m sure this would be easier if you let me use my fingers!]

Don’t fuss, Daddy!

Anyway, dear reader, you will be pleased to know that I have escaped from the clutches of the Clangers.

Fortunately, my friend Flash Gladstone was able to repair his rocket ship using one of the Clangers' dustbin lids and some double-sided sticky tape.

In honour of him rescuing me, I have decided to rename his rocket ship "THE MILLENNIUM IRON CHICKEN" after another famous space ship!

[R: errrr]

Fortunately it appears that Mr Blair's stormtroopers are NOT coming to get me, but instead are coming to get MR FROWN. This is a bit of a relief as we have decided that MONGO is probably too far away to get to, so we are coming back to Earth.

And this will be just in time, because the BBC have started showing a NEW SERIES of DOCTOR WHO. The first episode was only a minute long. I was a bit confused, because it was just DOCTOR WHO in the TARDIS worrying about the MONSTERS he might run into, and doing a funny BLURRY thing when he stood up, but I THINK that there will be longer episodes soon.

DOCTOR WHO is the favourite programme of both of my Daddies, so I have to watch it lots as well. Which means you will get lots of it in my DIARY too!

It is OKAY, so I do not mind much, and the Doctor's TARDIS is ALMOST as good as a CAR. (Although my FAVOURTEST Doctor Who was JON TWERPEE and he DID have a car called BESSIE which was VERY cool INDEED!)

Last year, Dr Who was CHRISTOPHER ECCY-THUMP (who is from the North, though he keeps quiet about it) but he got killed by eating too much TIME VORTEX (which is a bit like BLUE STRING SOUP only more glowy) so now Dr Who is DAVID TENNANT.

David Tennant has been in quite a lot of things recently (Blackpool, Casanova, Quatermass, Secret Smile, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Lady Chatterley Trial) but we knew him BEFORE all that because he used to work with the Big Fish people to make Audio Adventures. The BESTEST story is that he turned down working at the NATIONAL THEATRE in order to work with THE DALEKS!

My Daddies hope this means that he will not quit after one year as Dr Who like Mr Eccy-thump did.

Keep an Eye out for more Doctor Who from Easter weekend!

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