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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day 1940: She’s NOT back!


Well, I am VERY confused now. I was expecting to see more of my friend the Lady from Upstairs on Newsnight and it turned out that she wasn’t there.

Mr Paul kindly put a link to the Newsnight website on my diary the other day and there are two clips to play. Unfortunately, my Daddies do not have BROADBAND at home and Daddy Richard’s work computer has too fierce a firewall to let him watch it there either. So, we cannot tell what the clips are!

Did anybody else see what happened to Mr Luntz? Or has he been bounced off our screens by the “Attack of the Safety Elephant” saga that had Paxo (the Rooster Booster) interviewing the man who misplaced a thousand people who should probably have been deported?

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