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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Day 1922: Okay, I give in…


Here is Daddy Alex’s Wikimeme: clickity.

Here is Daddy Richard’s Wikimeme:

On this day in history

Three events:

1. The opening of THE DIET OF WORMS in 1521, leading to the creation of PROTESTANTISM

2. First publication of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE in 1813 leading to COLIN FIRTH as MR DARCY

3. Lord HUTTON of WHITE WASH’s inquiry into the DEATH OF DAVID KELLY publised its REPORT in 2004 leading to the resignation of MR BLAIR and… oh, well it SHOULD HAVE!

Two famous birthdays:

1. HENRY TULIP aka KING HENRY VII who beat RICHARD III in the Wars of the Roses to be KING OF ENGLAND

2. Mr FRODO who beat SAURON in The LORD of the RINGS

And a famous death (or rather seven)

1-7. The CREW of the US Space Shuttle CHALLENGER.

Never stop reaching for the stars.

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