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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Day 1941: Feeling Sorry for the Labour


I do NOT mean that I feel sorry for the shower who are currently splashed over the front pages like an ungainly accident involving parachuting rhinoceroses. No, they are the people in charge and they entirely deserve it when they turn out to be RUBBISH at doing their jobs.

Mr Safety Elephant: should have TOLD parliament about the problem when he FIRST heard about it. What he DID was to keep quiet and stay in charge in order to fix it. SO NOW when he says he’s going to stay in charge and fix it… TOO LATE, you already DID THAT.

Mrs Nanny Hewitt: should NOT be trying to gloss over the PROBLEMS that are happening in the NHS. If she says that 50% of the problem is in 7% of the trusts one more time, even I will want to SLOW HAND CLAP her!

Mrs Beckett of DEATHRAY: should be grateful that she has gotten off so lightly, as her department STILL hasn’t managed to pay SUBSIDIES to farmers EVEN THOUGH Mr Frown is TAXING farmers for them!!!

Mrs Jowell and Mrs Kelly: should think themselves very lucky that they seem to have gotten past their own crises. For the moment.

And the Minister for Magical Accidents: should probably reflect long and hard on all the times he TOOK THE MICKEY out of the Conservatories who were caught WITH THEIR TROUSERS DOWN and maybe apologise. Also, having a big go at the secretary for selling her story is, shall I say, UNGALLANT. Going to Max Clifford for oodles of MONEY ought to be enough for people to make up their own minds about her.

No, I don’t feel sorry for ANY of them. But it really cannot be much fun being an ORDINARY member of the Labour this week. I remember how Daddy Richard and Daddy Alex both felt so POWERLESS and OUT OF THE LOOP when Mr Charles Kennedy had to step down as leader of the Liberal Democrats. The ordinary members of the Labour certainly didn’t sign up to the party in order for THIS sort of a week.

Of course, my Daddies felt a lot better once the Liberals got their act together and chose a new LEADER.

Maybe there is a lesson for member of the Labour there.

Now, who is going to tell Lord Blairimort?

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