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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Day 1930: Scary Story


I have heard in the news from Mrs MARGARET HEDGEHOG, Barking MP and Queen Mum lookee-likee. She is saying that some of the people who used to vote for HER have been TEMPTED by the BNP. (The BNP are the BRITISH NASTY PARTY, but do not be confused this is nothing to do with Mr Balloon.)

The media LOVE this, because for them the BNP are like having our very own bunch of the KU KLUX KLAN rather than a bunch of SAD LOSERS who have nothing to say but:

"It's {insert who we hate today here}'s fault".

The papers can then re-run all their exciting stories about GOOSE-STEPPING Nazis and how PLUCKY BRITAIN (© all newspapers) doesn't stand for THAT KIND OF THING. Oooh, aren't they NASTY, but don't the uniforms look kind of KINKY (full story with pictures pages 2-12).

The real story, though, is that the Labour are ALWAYS pulling this stunt. Whenever the Labour think that they are in trouble in elections they play their own version of the race card: "ooo-OOO-ooo vote for us of the HAIRY HOB-GOBLINS will come and get you/your family/your sort". Which, if you THINK about it, is JUST as much putting people into a box labelled by their COLOUR.

Of course, all that they ever achieve is that they give the BNP a shot in the arm of free publicity. Of course, that is part of the plan – if they extra publicity means that BNPeople are elected then the Labour can say "we were right! We warned you and you didn't listen" and then they get a big warm rush of support at the next election, to GET THEM OUT (even though it was really the Labour's fault they got in in the first place!).

The Labour and the BNP actually have the SAME problem. (No, not Mr Blair this time.) It is that NEITHER of them can think of a positive reason to vote for them. So instead, BOTH of them come up with someone SCARY who is supposed to be SO FRIGHTENING that you have to vote for them because NO ONE else will come and SAVE YOU.

REALLY, you should be able to ask people to vote for you because of the GOOD THINGS that you stand for, things like: working hard for the community; listening to people (yes, ALL of the people, even those who spoil their nice cars by sticking UNION JACKS to the radio aerials); getting things sorted (like taking the poor dead cars away to the dear car cemetery); or helping to clean things up with better RECYCLING and GREEN SPACES.

You should not need to blame other people. You should not need to be SCARY!

Of course, it does not help that the Labour have been doing the BNP's job for them by trying to make out that POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE (who only want to come here so they won't be MURDERED by their OWN governments and/or Mr Blair's friends in the US army) are some kind of RAMPAGING GANG of killer zombies.

It suits Mr Blair down to the ground to have people be scared of immigrants and refugees (even though we live in the richest safest nicest country in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!). The More SCARED you people are, the STUPIDER you seem to get – almost stupid enough to believe some of the GUFF that Mr Blair and Mrs Hedgehog come out with!

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