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Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 2570: The Bongs of War aka They Think It's All Over

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and indeed Thursday:

Here is the News at Ten: Bong! We're scuppered!

It seems that ITVnone's new CGI Bongs – which we've managed to miss every night this week – were beaten by the BBC Ten O'Clock News on their first night

And on their second night.

And on their third night, by which point it was getting silly.

By the fourth night, no one cares anymore*, though the new news picks up a handsome lead in from the preceding drama (which comfortably beat the BBC's Fairy Tale). But they STILL didn't beat the Beeb for the news slot.

And tonight the BBC will take a win by DEFAULT what with ITVnone not thinking Friday's deserve proper news.

*as if they cared in the first place.

More importantly, a more SIGNIFICANT format war may be finally drawing to its close, with the announcement this month that Warner Bros. are dropping their support for the HD DVD, followed by the news in Variety that the last two Hollywood studios still backing HD DVD – Universal and, perhaps more importantly, Paramount with their still hugely powerful Star Trek franchise – are now pretty much released from their exclusive contracts.

Despite support remaining from the dear old BBC (and, er, naughty things) this looks like it may mean Blu-Ray wins by a FAIT ACOMPLIS.

Obviously, this is GOOD NEWS for me but less good for Daddy Richard who was just warming up to HD DVD's region free and better menu approach. Still, at least it means we can finally think about what new TELLY to get!

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