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Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 2563: Personchester


Manchester (NOT the Capital of the State of New Hampshire; that is Concord (NOT the aeroplane; that is Concorde)), Manchester is the setting of one of the KEY episodes of Mr Aaron Sorkin's witty, intelligent, informative, ground breaking, all-American political soap-opera: "Coronation Street", er, "The Left Wing".

And this week, the Monkey-in-Chief flies to Palestine certainly seeming to think that HE'S starring in Season Seven.

"Heh heh heh: if that Bartlet fella can pull an Arab-Israeli peace deal out his ass in the last year, then I sure can!"

Unfortunately, this wasn't believable even when it was fiction!

And, unlike President Bartlet, the Monkey-in-Chief is fiction in a BAD way.

Still, if it is comedy-drama you want then look no further than Mr Sorkin's latest: "Studio Zogby on the Obama Strip" – it's a COMEDY of ERRORS. Yes, with everyone from the Windy-pendent newspaper to the candidate, Barry O himself, jumping the gun there were plenty of RED FACES on Wednesday when Hillary-Billary stole a last minute march on him.

Just as before, in Iowa, it really doesn't make much of a difference in actual SCORES – in fact, both Hillary-Billary AND Mr Oklabama go away from New Hampshire with nine delegates each (and John Edwards took the remaining four).

Nor, for that matter, does it "throw the contest wide open". Gee, it is now a close-run thing between last week's "Front Runner" and the week before's "Front Runner". Senator Edwards is (probably) running to be VP again, however bizarre and unlikely that might have seemed a year or even a month ago, and STILL no one else is in the running.

And anyone feigning surprise at Senator Oven-Chip doing well in "Live Free or Die" country is fooling no one, either.

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