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Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 2333: Freedom from Flip-Flops


Guess what! It turns out that MP’s voting for the Secrecy of Information Bill last week was about as popular as a BUCKET OF COLD SICK, and much is the OPPROBRIUM that has been heaped upon them for doing so.

Well, being like a bucket of cold sick is NOT what Mr Balloon wants. Well, not since his Bullingdon daze days anyway. So he’s decided he wants to be against changing the Freedom of Information Act after all.

As it happens, the author of this pathetically SELF-SERVING bit of legislation, Mr David MacLean’s-Toothpaste, has found himself in the SLIGHTLY EMBARRASSING position of having to explain why he wants to make MP’s expenses secret at the same time as buying himself a £3,300 quad bike on, er, his MP’s expenses.

Of course, the Daily Hate Mail were rather less, er, kind in their breaking of the story.

Still, that sort of thing is surely not going to influence Mr Balloon – or “Shameless Dave”, as they now appear to be calling him over at Hate Mail Towers.

Mr Balloon is USED to that sort of thing by now. In fact, sending the Conservatory Right into a tizzy is one of his best ways of pretending that he isn’t one of them! Mind you, this week he is posing as “Mr EGALITARIAN ANTI-ELITIST EDUCATIONALIST… FROM ETON” rather than “Mr I’VE GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE ANTI-DEMOCRATIC EEJIT… FROM ETON”.

So apparently, rather than doing anything useful like telling Mr Toothpaste to stop mucking about or even turning up in the House of Commons to vote on the issue, Mr Balloon is going to ask very nicely if the House of Lords Club will please pull his ballots out of the fire save democracy for him.

Well, roll my button eyes!

But you know what I say? Get the Flip-Flopper while he’s on OUR side!

Meanwhile, Mr Frown has now ALSO jumped on the bandwagon promised that this tiny slip up over Freedom of Information will be “corrected”.

Look out Mr Toothpaste, SECRET STALIN Mr Frown is on the case – you’ll be off to the House of Commons “correctional institute” before you know it. What a pity someone EXEMPTED the House of Commons from Freedom of Information – no one will EVER find you!

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