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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Day 2321: Blairimort est Mort


Part Three – Bury Bad News

Security at home: I.D.iot cards cost UP over HALF A BILLION to FIVE BILLION QUID!

Economic stability: Interest Rates UP AGAIN, another quarter percent to 5.5%!

Education, Education, Education: Heads warn of EXAM MELTDOWN!

24 hours to save the NHS: UK access to cancer treatments among WORST IN WORLD!

Green future: government CUTS GRANTS for home renewable energy schemes!

Africa, a scar on the conscience of the World: just forget about the WAR, OPPRESSION and DEATH that continues in Darfur, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Uganda etc, etc, etc…

Respect agenda: More ANTI-SOCIAL MADNESS as a family are banned from LANCASHIRE!

Freedom of Information: Pair JAILED for trying to reveal TRUTH of Lord Blairimort's schemes with the Monkey-in-Chief!

Constitutional Reform: Next Prime Monster to be elected by NOBODY!



Jonny Wright said...

Millennium - a really good post, but I'm afraid I don't agree with your last point. The people don't get to elect their Prime Monster, general election or not. They just get to choose their own local MP.

I'm not sure this is a very popular view within the Lib Dems, but my personal feeling is that Blair's promise to serve a full third term didn't count for anything in the first place, as it was a comment made in an interview, rather than a formal pre-election promise. (In other words, he's clearly been dishonest, but that in itself doesn't mean he should be obliged to call an election.)

Much as I would like to see the Labour kicked out of office (with us taking over, obviously, and not Mr Balloon!), the Labour do legally have the right to wait until 2009 or even 2010 before they call an election. Those are the rules as they stand, and we have to accept them, even though they could really do with being changed. I'd quite like to see fixed-term Parliaments, because currently the Prime Monster can call an election whenever his party is doing well in the polls, which gives the incumbents a very unfair advantage.

Millennium Dome said...

Mr Jonny, you are RIGHT: The rules do mean that Mr Frown is entitled to be Prime Monster for two or at most three years. And do you know I think he probably will be!

On the other fluffy foot, the rules also mean that Lord Blairimort got 50.1% of the seats in the House of Commons even though he only got 35.2% of the vote, whereas the Liberal Democrats got 22.1% of the vote but only got 9.6% of the seats.

So it is possible that the rules are BUNK!

Calling on the Labour to DO THE DECENT THING (hold an election) may be a bit POINTLESS (not to mention a bit of a CHEAP STUNT) but it does one very important thing: it gets us into the HEADLINES! A long, long way down it is true, but above the dead donkey and above the Conservatories!

On the THIRD fluffy foot, Liberal Democrats say "let the people have their say" is not a bad message. (Perhaps someone could put that on a memo to Scotland…)