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Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 2332: Cutty Spark


I had better get Daddy to do a rush through the week’s news to bring my diary up to date again. These are the stories that I WOULD have written about, if Daddy had not been chained to his new workstation-cum-treadmill for a week.

We woke up on Monday to discover that a boat near where we live has burnt down.

This made us SAD!

My Daddies used to go to work in Greenwich and every day they would walk past the big boat on their way. We all went down to the river to look across at Island Gardens, next to the foot tunnel, to see if we could see anything but by then it was all over bar the great big clean up bill.

The GOOD NEWS was that half the boat had NOT been burned up because it had already been taken to bits and taken away for some spit and polish, or what professional people call a £25 million restoration.

You might think that £25 million is a lot of money to spend on a boat that no one is going to use again, but think of all the people who are working on this restoration project. They have to earn a living and this way they can do it while doing something fun and creative at the same time. It is a lot better than being chained to a workstation-cum-treadmill anyway!

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