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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Day 2311: Car Made Bon


Last year I told you about Daddy Richard's car, Penfold, and the nasty Carbon Dioxide. I said how we went online and found a website that would let us buy a CARBON OFFSET, to cancel out all of Daddy's BADNESS.

It is called a Carbon Offset because it makes your Car Bon! (This is a joke in FRENCH!)

Well, that was LAST YEAR. It is time that I gave you an UPDATE!

Daddy has just got a nice letter from Mr Frown demanding more CAR TAX – which Daddy could pay on the Wibbly Wobbly Web this year because Mr Frown's SINISTER AGENTS have been keeping an eye on Daddy's MOT and insurance – and so I have pestered Daddy into updating his Carbon Offset TOO.

Last year, when we looked, Penfold had driven 22,943 miles which is the same as 36,923 kilometres. That is an average of about three-thousand-and-three-hundred miles a year, or five-thousand-and-three-hundred kilometres a year if you prefer.

We worked out that at 265 grammes of carbon dioxide for every kilometre this was 9.785 tonnes in total! So we bought 9.8 tonnes of carbon offset.

This year, we have checked Penfold's mileage again and it has gone up to 26,549 miles equals 42,726 kilometres. This means Daddy has driven another three-thousand-and-six-hundred miles this year, which is a bit up on the average. I think it is because we have been going up and down to Personchester a bit more often.

Doing the maths like last year, we worked out that this means that Daddy's total carbon footprint from Penfold has increased to 11.323 tonnes, an increase of 1.538 tonnes.

I have therefore made Daddy buy another 1.6 tonnes of offset in order to NEUTRALISE himself again!

Condensed version: "bought more Carbon Offset 'cos Daddy hasn't stopped driving!"


Happy Beltane, everyone!

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