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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Day 2317: Broken Reid


And so Lord Blairimort's Home Secretary has decided to JUMP before he is PUSHED. He says that Mr Frown should be able to bring FRESH FACES into his cabinet, and by going he will make room for TWO of them.

The REAL reason he's quitting is, of course, last week's elections. He thinks that Mr Frown is a lost cause and, like all the other rats, he is deserting the sinking ship. Better for him to ride to the rescue later once Gordo has lost the next election. Do you expect he will be discovered with two priests?

Our VERY PRECIOUS idea of a British system of JUSTICE is badly broken today and our so-called Home Secretary is one of the people who broke it. And for what? For short term political advantage, that's what! To look STRONG, to look BUTCH.

And now he is TRANSPARENTLY manoeuvring to take advantage of the fact that Lord Blairimort has RUINED any hope Mr Frown may have had of being re-elected. WHAT a piece of work!

The idea that he could become even Leader of the Opposition (let ALONE Prime Monster) ought to be INSANELY LAUGHABLE!

For a Prime Monster to appoint a person like him – let alone a whole STRING of people like him! – to the Home Office, that Prime Monster must be COMPLETELY round the TWIST! And to prove it, Lord Blairimort has come FULL CIRCLE: they're now rumouring that Mr Man O' Straw is tipped get his old job back!

Mr Councillor Stephen asks: Wither the Home Secretary, and do you know, I rather hope he does!

Go to the RUBBISH BIN of history, Mr John Reid! Go, and DO NOT COME BACK!

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