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Friday, May 18, 2007

Day 2325: Wolfie Whistles


So, Daddy and I were SLIGHTLY STARTLED to hear some bloke called Mr David Rifkin on the The Today Programme decrying an attempted European COUP against America.

Had we missed something rather URGENT in the headlines? Should we be considering taking to the SHELTERS?

But then it turned out that he was in fact talking about whether his FRIEND Mr Woof Paulowitz would get FIRED.

Daddy told me to look up the word HYPERBOLE!

That is right: Mr Rifkin is an American who is overpaid, over here and WAY WAY OVER THE TOP!

As you may remember, Mr Woof faces facing the music at the World Bankbecause he has had his fingers in the honey pot on behalf of his girlfriend. That is what a panel of executives from the World Bank say, anyway.

It would seem that Mr Rifkin believes that BEING AMERICAN is enough to excuse lying and corruption. If ONLY Al Capone had REALISED!

"This is an attack on the Monkey-in-Chief's Administration," he insisted, "and you cannot separate the Administration from America!"

Actually, you CAN do that, and indeed the American people have ALREADY done that, when they rejected the Monkey-in-Chief at the polls last year. That is why Mr Monkey has had to veto his own budget and in turn that is why he is shortly going to run out of money. Perhaps he could do with a BANK LOAN – I wonder if he has any friends in the Banking Industry… ah!

Blaming your allies when your slimy friends get caught bang-to-rights really is a case of burning your bridges WHILE YOU ARE CROSSING THEM! It is never going to save Mr Woof, and you might just need the co-operation of those Europeans if you want to get another President of the World Bank installed. Ever.

Clearly, though, Mr Rifkin believes that the best form of defence is an offence… and the best form of offence is to strap yourself to an ATOM BOMB and kiss your BOTTOM goodbye!



Wolfie Whistles Off!

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