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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 2669: Spink or Swim?


So the UKPNuts have gained their first MP. Which is nice for them.

He is Mr Bob Stink MP, who was kicked out of the Conservatories for resigning; or possibly resigned from the Conservatories because they kicked him out. He dumped her; no she dumped him. There appears to be some confusion.

Anyway, as an HONOURABLE member, Mr Bob has decided to represent the three-thousand four-hundred and thirty-one people who voted for UKPNuts in his Castle Point constituency at the last election. Rather than the twenty-two thousand one-hundred and eighteen poor deluded fools who thought they wanted a Conservatory.

You MIGHT think that this is a bit UNFAIR, but apparently the Conservatories OFFERED a safe seat to Mr Nigel Farrago, leader of UKPNuters, so this must be it!

The LAST time that the Conservatories lost Castle Point was in 1997 when a Dr Bob Stink (no relation… well, not MUCH) lost to the Labour's Ms Christine Butler.

This time, they nobbled Mr Stink themselves; so, no one will be able to say that the Butler did it.


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