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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 2676: Profits from Petrol


BP and Shell have announced record profits but bless the poor little lambs, they say that it's all down to sky-high oil prices and their refining business is barely breaking even!

This is the sort of DISCONNECT from reality at the boardroom level that leads to people thinking:

"Hmmm, I could earn even more money if I didn't have to pay this pension for my workers!"

Yes, and you might think that you could save even more if you just paid for the GUARDS with WHIPS and didn't pay the workers at all… but it DOESN'T WORK that way.

If you want people to do a DIFFICULT and DANGEROUS job then you need to reward them. One way to do that is with a free and generous pension scheme, so that at least they will know that they will be looked after after a lifetime of grim and let's be honest nasty slog.

I'm sure that it doesn't help his case that the man responsible for all this was ranked at twenty-fifth on the UK RICH LIST.

His company, Upyors, makes a practice of buying up chunks of production plant and then SQUEEZING them for extra profits. So, not ACTUAL entrepreneurship, then, where you have an idea and build it up. More like VAMPIRISM, really.

Whatever happened to companies wanting to look after the needs of their employees, anyway? Aren't people the most important asset any business can have? Treating them as disposable grunts isn't just rude, it's stupid business sense. You've invested in training these people up, and working through their learning curve. You CAN'T just replace them tomorrow without losing a lot of time and money. So why not be grateful for that extra cash that a trained worker is generating and not try to squeeze another dollar out of him by skimping on the pension you promised?

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