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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Day 2649: Candid Cleggster


Whatever happened to politicians being HONEST? When did we end up with the choice of MENDACITY or NAIVETY?

This week, Mr Clogg has admitted to having had CUDDLES with more ladies than one or two (or none).

So, let me just check something: Mr Balloon infamous for breaking the law (traffic laws, drugs laws, those property laws that say the Bullingdon Club shouldn't smash up people's restaurants… it's clear that Mr B STILL thinks the law only applies to "common" people) or Mr Clogg admitting to consensual cuddles… and WHO is being condemned as "unfit" to make our laws?

Seriously, it must be a slow news week, with prudes, sorry, pundits from as far apart across the spectrum as NuLabour apologist Mr Steve Richards and NeoCon Hypocritical Harpy Ms Appalling Platell both harping on about this as though it was somehow SHOCKING.

Lovely Sarah Teather made a good job of sticking up for Mr Clogg's honour on Questionable Time. It was an all-women panel, with Lovely Sarah joined by Ms Claire Snort, Ms Theresa May-NOT!, "Douglas" aka Ms Wendy Alexander and Rod Liddle dressed as a woman from Monty Python's Life of Brian.

As Sarah pointed out to "Douglas" that it was a bit rich to criticise a leader talking about his personal life after Lord "five times a night" Blairimort gave a "full and frank" interview to the Scum on the eve of the last General Election. And it's no good Ms May-NOT! getting on her high horse about Mr Clogg's interview in GQ when it was to that AUGUST ORGAN that Ms May-NOT!'s then leader Mr Vague bragged of his fourteen-pints a night sessions. Binge does not come into it.

Actually, Ms May-NOT! was more interested in linking Mr Clogg's confessional to the issue of how Liberal Democrat peers will vote on EUROPE… Paging Dr Freud! Paging Dr Freud! As lovely Sarah put it, talk about OBSESSIVE!

As for Mr Clogg, the sort of people who are going to get their knickers in a bunch about this are only going to be voting Conservatory anyway – in fact, the question is much MORE dangerous for Mr Balloon because now someone is likely to ask HIM and is he going to be evasive or own up to a number that will horrify his core vote (i.e. any number greater than NONE!); meanwhile, I do not think that Liberal people are going to MIND about Mr Clogg's new reputation as a LADIES MAN and indeed he may go UP in the estimation of few.

So, I think that thing that we need to be asking is this: is fewer than thirty lady friends really ENOUGH for a Liberal Leader or do we need to get Captain Paddy back in for a spot of TRAINING?


Apparently this story is very RUDE and you might think that I am supposed to be too YOUNG to know anything about it, but I am EIGHT [R: seven] and Liberal Democrats think that that is old enough to start to know about mummies and daddies and relationships.


Linda Jack said...

Well Milly,

You know you are the only one I am interested in cuddles with! But, I have to confess, until now I had no idea how young you were, but are elephant years the same as human years???!

Alasdair W said...

There's a LibDem idea I never knew about, sex education for 7 year olds. How old are Nick Clegg's children, that would be awkward them finding an article about it in the newspaper.