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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 2737: Wendy Gets Her Independence


Ms Wendy "Douglas in a Wig" Alexander is forced to resign over what is, in all fairness, a teensy-weensy irregularity in her fundraising.

"It's not FAIR!" she says, claiming that the Scottish Nasty Party were just using her misdemeanour as an excuse to keep causing a fuss.

Well, there may be some truth in that, but in resigning, unfortunate and unfair you may think it to be, you put your hands up to it, Ms Wendy.

Three candidates will contest the leadership after Mr "What A" Charlie Gordon – the man who actually asked for the £950 donation that brought Ms Wendy down – failed to secure enough nonimations.

At the same time, Mr Frown faces another by-election as Mr David Marshall, the MP for Glasgow East, quits "on health grounds".

Since they used to wheel MPs through the lobbies even if they were on their death beds, this is a TOUCH suspicious… and rumours soon spread that Mr Marshall was days away from being outed as the Labour's Derek Conway.

With unseemly (and, as it turns out, ill-judged) haste, the Labour set the date for 24th July, the earliest they can manage.

Also in the news… the Conservatories come up with their latest answer to the West Loathing question.

Mr Fatty Clarke's commission has come back and said that Mr Balloon's English Votes for Ingsoc Laws proposal would break up the United Kingdom, so they propose only limiting MPs' voting rights during committee stages. This is a BARKING MAD idea that will STILL create second-class MPs and is even more complicated to administer.

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