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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 2724: The good vicar


Just because I'm a militant atheist baby elephant, that does not mean I have to be against religion all the time… Hang on, actually it does… But as a LIBERAL fluffy toy, I'm also keen to give credit where credit is due.

Just accept that I am COMPLICATED!

I should like to praise the Reverend Giles Fraser, because of the things that he has said recently.

Firstly, he wrote a piece for the Grauniad admitting that he had been WRONG. That is always pretty BIG of someone.

What Reverend Giles had been wrong about was the so-called "secular authorities" BANNING any kind of religious references or music in civil wedding and partnership ceremonies. This even includes the OUTLAWING of Mr Robbie Williams' song "Angels" (because it is likely to make people BLASPHEME!).

However, it turns out that it was NOT a "secular" idea to say "no religion here", oh no! it was in fact the Bishops of Catholic and Church of England ganging up to keep religion for the religious… specifically the OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED religious… specifically specifically the people THEY say are religious! Heavens above! (Ooops!)

Then, secondly, Mr the Reverend Giles did something altogether shocking – he gave a GOOD Fart for the Day on the The Today Programme! (Reproduced once again for the Grauniad, here.)

In this, he said that the church SHOULD bless gay daddies getting married!

Well BLESS HIM too!

I am sure he will soon be receiving a thank-you note of DEEP and ABIDING Excommunication from the Archbishop of Uganda. But never mind that, he will get a bouquet from me. Probably Hyacinths.

The White Hyacinth: "Loveliness" & "I'll Pray for You"
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