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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Day 2709: Lord Blairimort Keeps the Faith


After the quiet 'Temple Of Light' in the Big Tent, Lord Blairmort has opened his very own FAITH ZONE in New York, pledging to devote his life to crushing the unbelievers doing, y'know, good.
"Look, I mean…" said Lord Blairimort, "you've got to… y'know… look at the example of all those religions… Jesus, Muhammad, those guys the Hindus believe in… and say to yourself… gee, I could be like that… y'know… worshipped by millions…"
During his time as Prime Monster, Lord Blairimort kept quiet about his beliefs, but he has recently admitted converting to the Church of Thatchianity.

In totally unrelated news, astronomers have discovered a heavenly body with unprecedented spin.

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angela said...

I was searching what 2709 meant? my boyfriend woke up with a horrible dream and seeing me with that # 2709 on my face and luciano on the other side of my face with demon on my back?? now Im freaked out! Is there meaning for this?