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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 2725: Make More of Maths


In the light of the "Reform" Think Tank's pamphlet saying that we'd all be nine BILLION quid better off if we learned more MATHS, the Government is to send Champions of Mathematics into schools to try and improve things. And probably to fight SKELETOR and his Warriors of Innumeracy.

Mr Simon Jenkins writes in the Grauniad to deride the need for maths saying no one ever needs it. Well no one NEEDS to study "Hamlet" or the causes of the English Civil War, but that doesn't mean that studying them isn't a good thing in and of itself.

Learning and the HABIT of learning are GOOD things and to be encouraged.

Meanwhile, the "No SH…stuff Sherlock" award goes to the discovery by Ofsted that tests are boring.

Liberal Democrats would cut the number of tests getting rid of pointless testing at seven and fourteen and slimming down the national curriculum so that schools are able to EDUCATE rather than merely train pupils to jump through the next Ministry hoop.

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