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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 2735: HAVE the Conservatories Changed?


Mr Balloon boasts that he has detoxified Brand Tory, and thanks to Mr Frown's ongoing implosion the media seem to be giving him a free ride.

But what's the real evidence?


While Ms Caroline "Magic" Spellman's nanny woes look more SUSPICIOUS the closer you examine them (Unity has more at Ministry of Trooth), it turns out that the Wintertons broke the rules and have been feathering their nest egg at your expense.


Mr Balloon still green. Allegedly.


Dame Insider Warsi on drugs, well against them obviously.


The Nasty Party threatens to sue the Liberal Democrats (nothing will come of this, but there'll be no coverage of the Conservatories' failure to follow though on their headline-seeking posturing).

Sadly, though, it seems that short of HAPPY SLAPPING Mrs the Queen and LAUGHING about it on Hoot Tube, Mr Balloon can do anything he likes and get away with it.

Meanwhile, Mr Clogg is in CiF pleased that we held our vote UP in Henley.

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