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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Day 2282: Iain Dale attacks Mr Balloon


Responding to the revelations that Mr Balloon had been FOUND GUILTY of taking CASH in return for IMPROPER USE of his Commons Office, famous diarist and losing Conservatory candidate in North Norfolk, Mr Dale Winton, struck out, saying:

"I condemn 'cash for access' wherever it happens."

Further SCORNING the Conservatory Leader's LACK OF MORAL FIBRE, Mr Dale continued:

"I stood at the last election with 10 promises of how I would conduct myself in Parliament. I was the only Tory candidate to do it"

Mr Balloon REFUSED to make those same promises to be GOOD! You tell him, Mr Dale!

Having already castigated the Labour's junior Minister Stephen Timmy for selling breakfasts at £80 a head, just THINK how CROSS Mr Dale must be at the thought of his very own Mr Balloon doing the same thing at a £1000 a head!

Why, he must be TEN TIMES as angry [R: twelve-and-a-half times, even]!

No doubt it is just because he is so QUIVERING with RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION that he cannot write that he has not put up a full diary entry about it and can only point a MUTE but INDIGNANT finger to a couple of entries in a comments thread. I do hope he does not suffer a brainstorm!

Mr Dale is to be LOUDLY CONGRATULATED for his bravery in telling Mr Balloon what a crook he is – in fact, I think the Liberal Democrats in North Norfolk ought to make a SPECIAL EFFORT to see that all of the people there get to hear what Mr Dale has had to say about Mr Balloon and his NAUGHTY WAYS!

That way, everyone will know how the Conservatory Party has CHANGED!


Happy April Fools' Day!

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Linda Jack said...

He also seems to be a tad touchy about being called to account about it!