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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 2305: Freedom From Freedom From Déjà vu



Another UNDEAD CONSERVATORY is on the rampage!

Despite the excellent efforts of our own Professor Van Helsing, Mr Norman the Baker, the Bill to Exempt Parliament from Telling People What They Are Up To has returned… FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!

I want to see sixty-five Liberal Democrat BUMS on SEATS in the House of Commons this Friday, all of you with good, LONG speeches! And if you're not there, I shall be wanting to see a note from your MUMMIES and DADDIES. This includes YOU, Sir Mr the Merciless!

We have already heard from Lord Blairimort's new Minister of Justice, Lord Charlie Chum, who insists that the government will be NEUTRAL on this. Neutral? Neutral! Neutral!?!?! On a bill that's trying to overturn one of your MANIFESTO PLEDGES?

When the question is: "will you defend your own Freedom of Information Bill or won't you?", then "We will remain neutral" is a "NO".

Still, it's not like we can expect more from the people who brought us SINGING CCTV and whose response to the HOME OFFICE CRISIS is to hand Charlie Chum an AXE and tell him to GET CHOPPING!

On the other fluffy foot, this could be the perfect test of Mr Balloon's new "responsibility" – will he accept that MPs have to behave responsibly and be SEEN to behave responsibly? Will he, in other words, tell his man, Mr David McClean, to DROP IT?

It is an INTERESTING TEST, do you not think? Let us see who turns up.

And REMEMBER Liberal Democrats – I am not just counting ON you; I will be counting you UP too!


Chris Black said...

Absolutely right. They should all be there...

But isn't kind of suspicious that this gap has opened up in the parliamentary timetable to allow another attempt at this?

Ryan said...

BBC News were saying last night that most likely this wasn't going to be debated anyway. And that the Tory who I can't be bothered to lookup who's Bill this is, will be in his Constituency anyway.

Millennium Dome said...

Mr Chris is right! It is HIGHLY suspicious!

But we MAY be in luck! Like Mr Ryan, we say Mr Crick (in the Neck) on the Newsnight Show saying that the exemption bill might not get another chance after all.

If some financial bill comes out of committee tomorrow then it will take the slot on Friday.


We do not want this one to SNEAK THROUGH, do we!