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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day 2290: Oyster Prayers


I hope that you have all been having a lovely PAGAN HOLIDAY, celebrating the rites of SPRING and the goddess Eostre and her sacred symbol of renewal and rebirth: the EGG!

We have been on HOLIDAY too! We went to FRIMLEY: Daddy says this is where the FIMBLES come from, but I am not sure that I believe him! In fact, we went to celebrate the BIRTHDAY of Daddy Richard’s sister Emma and to play Star Wars Lego II on my cousin Jamie’s computer.

Auntie Em
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We also did a QUEST for chocolate eggs and Daddy Alex discovered that he has the power to launch small people into ORBIT!

I am back now!

Listening to the BEARDY-WEIRDY of CANTERBURY’S song and dance hour on the radio on the way, though, I was particularly struck by the way it finished with everyone DRONING the “Lord’s Prayer” like a DIRGE.

I always think that this is very SAD: if you look at what Mr Jesus is supposed to have SAID it seems to me that when he says “this is how you should pray” he means SPONTANEOUSLY not “in these exact words”. The verses before even say DON’T just mouth off in the synagogue to show how GOOD you are!

Mind you, Mr Luke’s version does have him say: “say this”. Not that people speak them in ARAMAIC anyway!

When Mr Jesus starts the prayer with the word “Abba”, the familiar term for Father, he’s suggesting being conversational and familial (and NOT that the LORD is a member of the Swedish super-group).

In Hebrew nowadays “Abba” is used to mean “Daddy”!

Not that I recommend praying to MY daddies – I have been asking for a seat in the HOUSE of LORDS CLUB for AGES and am still waiting for “and ye shall receive”!

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Will said...

Star Wars Lego is great. Is that where Mr Luke is from?