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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 2306: Lucky Penny


I read in the paper that there is SIXTY-FIVE MILLION POUNDS in lost PENNY COINS out there!

I do not think that these pennies can be THAT lucky – after all they were not lucky for the person that LOST THEM!

According to the latest BARMY survey, the top places to look for free dosh include #1 £26 million on the streets, #2 £11 million in handbags and suitcases, #3 £8 million in the car and #4 £6 million down the back of the sofa.

Maybe I should have a look down the back of MY sofa!


Humph, I think Cuddly Cthulhu must have gotten there first!

The Lucre in the Dark
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IC Wales sent out their own INTREPID REPORTER to see how many pennies were to be found!

He came back with 44p and – thanks to all those coppers in his pockets – a funny walk.

But the Metro's footnote (print edition only, I'm afraid) says that £65m in penny coins would weigh twenty-three thousand TONNES – or the same as 4,637 African ELEPHANTS.

They do not say what that would be in FLUFFY ELEPHANTS, but I bet it's a LOT! Maybe 4,638!


Jonny Wright said...

Aww bless. You have a cuddly Cthulhu. I have a cuddly ocelot (called Oskar). Obscure cuddly toys are great fun, aren't they ...

At home, we've got an old whisky jar that we stored spare coppers in. They built up over years, finally got to the top a few weeks ago. It worked out well over £30 in total. Not bad going.

Millennium Dome said...

Hello Oskar the Ocelot! I hope Mr Jonny's snuffles are better.

£30 is a LOT more than that Cuddly Cthulthu found.

Hahahahaha blam {smite'ed}

Jonny Wright said...

Oskar says hello too!

The snuffles are much better, thank you. I wouldn't want to come on your blog with snuffles, anyway - it wouldn't be fair to put you at risk like that!