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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day 2294: Wolfie in Sheepish Clothing


Oh dear, the Monkey-in-Chief’s imposition as head of the World Bank, Mr Wolfie Paulowitz has had to APOLOGISE.

Mr Wolfie, who has sworn to crack down on corruption and nepotism, has very slightly used his position to give a great big job and a huge pay rise to his GIRLFRIEND without asking the permission of the actual people in charge.

I was new to the job and made a mistake,” is his version of the story. The mistake being that he forgot he was no longer in the Monkey-in-Chief’s WHITE HOUSE where it is ROUTINE PROCEDURE to fix big jobs and huge wedges of wonga for our mates. Allegedly.

Quite a lot of people at the World Bank are seeing this as an excuse to get rid of the hated [bad word] a reason why the compromised chief should consider his position. The Bank’s staff association called it “grossly out of line”, though when they go on to suggest that he has “compromised” his “integrity and effectiveness” they have clearly forgotten who they are talking about!

But before we call out the villagers with the pitchforks and flaming torches, we should, however, listen to the WISDOM of Liberal Democrat MALCOLM the BRUCE.

He points out that singing the Schadenfreude Song and sacking Mr Wolfie might be FUN, but it could just let the Monkey-in-Chief appoint another NUTTER to the job, and actually PROLONG the New Con power over the World Bank.

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Liberal Aloud said...

O/T, but has the world of Lib Dem animals just been expanded with the introduction of a Caroline Pidgeon ?