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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 2299: We Knew Jack Kennedy, Mr Frown. You're No Jack Kennedy!


Guess what, Mr Frown won the no confidence vote. Gosh.

Mr James has already pointed out how POOR the Labour television was – Mr Frown in the back of a taxi, grasping hands reaching forwards to seize the wheel; Lord Blairimort stuck in there with him, eyes desperately flickering around looking for a way out – and he also talked about Mr Frown's new book: "COURAGE: EIGHT PORTRAITS".

However, something that Mr James did not mention was the PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING book by a Mr Senator John F Kennedy: "PROFILES IN COURAGE".

What an UNFORTUNATE coincidence!

Written in 1956, four years before he would become President, the book presents eight portraits profiles of US Senators who defied public opinion and their own parties in order to make a stand on an issue that was important to them.

Nor were these EASY decisions to defend: Thomas Hart Benton stayed with the Democratic party even when they were in favour of expanding slavery to the new territories; Edmund G Ross was one of seven Republicans who voted to acquit President Andrew Johnson of the rival National Union Party; Robert A Taft criticised the trial of the Nazis at Nuremburg.

This reminds me: we should count up the number of times that MR FROWN has taken a COURAGEOUS stance defying his party line…

[R: sound of tumbleweeds]

Poor Mr Frown, I bet he doesn't realise that HIS good idea for a book has been GAZUMPED by a famous much-loved charismatic figure who went on to lead his nation. On the other fluffy foot, he did not serve a full term as President either.

I hope Mr Frown is not too disappointed. Perhaps a holiday in Dallas would cheer him up!

Why Lord Blairimort, whatever can you be doing on that GRASSY KNOLL?


James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

Thanks, Mr Dome, I was previously unaware of this book. Says it all, doesn't it?

Richard Havers said...

I posted about the a few weeks ago....It surprises me that no one picked up on it earlier. A friend in the US commented at the time about JFK's book. Maybe the press are just keeping their collective powder dry.