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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Day 2216: The Beast and His Armies Shall Rise From the Pit and Complain a Bit


I am sure that you all remember Mr Mad Larry, who is one of the writers of “About Time” and creator of Faction Paradox, the time-travelling carnival of scary bone-mask-wearing people.

A LOT of his ideas seem to have MYSTERIOUSLY ended up in the new series of Doctor Who: from a TIME WAR against the Time Lords to ancient and terrible SOMETHINGS buried in the centre of the Earth.

So you would think he has a lot to GRIPE about.

And so does he! He has written a DIARY of his very own in order to tell everyone all about it.

It is NOT QUITE as upbeat as my Very Fluffy Diary. In fact, you might want to look up the words MISERABLE MISANTHROPE before reading it. On the other fluffy foot, he does have a great facility with words – even for one who is so disparaging of writing! – and it is worth reading just for the way he is able to shape them.

Scary telepathy story: my Daddies both read his website at the same time without each other knowing!

Mr Mad Larry would be very jealous – he thinks telepathy is the bees knees. You know, handy for making honey.

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