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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Day 2076: Vanity, Thy Name is Millennium!


It is ALL Mr Councillor Stephen Tall's fault! (Though, be FAIR: I am not the ONLY person to be COPYING him!)

I have GOOGLED "millennium elephant" and I am only THIRD!

Actually, I have not "googled" because the people from Google will not let us call it googling any more and want us to call it "doing a Google™ search". I THINK that the "TM" is optional.

The Google people say that this is because they do not want their trade name to go the same way as hoovering, xeroxing or tarmacing. Because OBVIOUSLY turning into a verb is what meant that no one has ever heard of THOSE firms today! (Yes, I AM rolling my eyes!)

This reminds me of a VERY funny joke that Daddy Alex has not read yet!

"With constant generic use, trademarks can lose their special status and their proper name capitalisation," said Google google.

All in all it is a BIT unfortunate that "to google" was made a VERB and included in the Merriam-Webster dictionary a month earlier.

Anyway, that is all by-the-by: I have been "ego-surfing on Google" googling myself and I am THIRD.


Apparently, I am LESS POPULAR than the Millennium Elephant Sanctuary in Sri Lanka.

Well, actually, I do not think that I mind that after all. Perhaps you would like to go and look at their website and maybe sponsor an elephant. They have FIVE elephants, and their names are: Alawathura Menike, Lakshmi, Pooja, Somaliya and Rani.

They may not be as FLUFFY as ME but they need just as much LOVE!

This has been my 200th Diary! It was brought to you by the miracle of googling!


Alex Wilcock said...

I know you’ve been planning this on your 200th post for a few days, Millennium, which makes it a positively uncanny coincidence that Mr David Bishop has made an almost identical post at the same time. He has a better guessing game, but you’ve hit maximum points on the ‘cute elephant’ scale even by your own high standards.

Stephen Tall said...

Even worse, Millennium you are 3rd behind a group - Millenium Elephant Foundation - who have mis-spelled your forename... It's a hard life being fluffy.