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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day 2083: What's on the Telly?


Late at night, Daddy Richard consults the DIGITAL TV GUIDE.

"There's the ITV play on in a bit, something called 'the Mint'."

You can see the hope in his little eyes: ITV may be rubbish in the daytime, but now that it's after midnight they've commissioned a late night play to fill the small hours with a bit of class.

Daddy Alex groans.

"That's not the ITV Play," he says through gritted teeth, "that's ITV Play – one of those 0898 phone in quiz shows."

Daddy Richard, hopes dashed, buries his head in his hands…

See you all at CONFERENCE!

1 comment:

Paul Walter said...

I can understand WHY your daddy Richard buries his head in his hands. Its sort of televisual....wallpaper (no that's too mild - I can think of another expression but it's a bit too near lunchtime for that). I saw the first five minutes of it last night because I was in that half asleep/can I summon the effort to get up from my chair sort of mood. Eventually the strange antics of Brian Dowling (from pointing out the exits on Ryanair flights to pointing at the "Mint" board is one small step really) while he sort of pauses while people phone in got so annoying that my body summoned the energy to get up.

One tip for DADDY richard - ITV 3 has some great stuff on it - if you like oldish plays etc. And BBC Four plays some good stuff - last Friday they had a marvellous old edition of the Avengers with Diana Rigg in her full leather regalia.