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Friday, September 29, 2006

Day 2095: Who was the Braverest Prime Minister?


You learn about a PLOT to shoot the Prime Minister. Do you:

Say: let these people continue with their demonstration, removing them will only make us look bad and might provoke a worse threat.


Cower behind huge metal gates, throw up ugly great concrete fortifications around the House of Commons, install huge bullet-proof glass shields inside the House of Commons and ban all demonstrations within a mile of where you are standing quaking in your Prime Ministerial boots.

How you answered:

Mostly "A's": you are a good defender of Liberal Democracy. Have your Chancellor invent pensions, but don't let him start selling off the honours system! Watch out for that WORLD WAR!

Mostly "B's": you've probably run out of honours to sell by now; have you considered moving to a police state? Or possibly Florida? Watch out for that WORLD WAR!

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